In 1934 Berlin on the eve of the Nazi incursion, Max, a grifter and his lover Rudy are recovering from a night of debauchery with a SA trooper. Two soldiers burst into the apartment and slit their guest's throat, beginning a nightmare odyssey through Nazi Germany. Ranked lower on the human scale than Jews, the men as awoved homosexuals, flee. Taken to a death camp at Dachau, Max and Horst branded with the "pink triangle," hope to survive with each other for comfort and courage.

Samuel French (0 F / 11 M)
Sherman, Martin Playwright
Tony Award: nominee
Justice Theater Project
Fri. Feb. 09, 2018
Sun. Feb. 18, 2018

Raleigh, NC

Threshold Repertory Theatre
Thu. Mar. 17, 2016
Sun. Apr. 10, 2016

Charleston, SC

Winston-Salem Theatre Alliance
Fri. Jan. 15, 2016
Sun. Jan. 24, 2016

Winston-Salem, NC